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    Glaze Porcelain Vitrified Tiles

    Glazed porcelain vitrified tiles have a glazed surface. They offer a wide variety of design, art work and surface textures like wood grain, bamboo, slate or stone.

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    Capron Tiles Brands

    Wall Tiles

    They are suitable for floors and walls and, although they are generally preferred in the living room, they are also used for the roof.

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    Capron Tiles Brands

    Slab Porcelain Tiles

    High-gauges porcelain slabs or tiles come in 2 variants: as a marble finish or as a polished porcelain tile and as a wooden finish or wood porcelain tile.

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    Capron Tiles Brands

    Full Body Tiles

    Full-bodied porcelain floor tiles, on the other hand, is a product whose surface colour is the same all the way through the tile.


About Us

In over half a decade Capron Vitrified has broken through the ranks and has made an impact in the Indian Tile Industry with its International quality tiles manufacturing and distribution service. We have thrived on our constant resolve to innovate and upholding the quality of our tiles products. Our state of the art facilities, high standard operations, our customer centric management system and a team of the best and most skillful workforce in the industry has made us one of the best in Asian continent and a global entity.

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Our Finishes

At Capron Vitrified we believe in personality of a space, no wonder our products oozes personality and characteristics that suits your distinguishing persona. With a huge selection of tiles that differ in character and finishes rest assured to find exactly what you are looking for.

Glossy Finish
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High Glossy Finish
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Carvin Finish
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Matt Finish
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Sugar Finish
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Butter Finish
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Design with style, Design with smile. Our experienced staff, creativity, having prowess in the use of implantation, the ability to design and create something innovative.

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Global Presence

Global Market

We have conquered every feat that has come our way and very rightly we are on our way to conquer the global market. With our firm and astute emphasis on quality we have been able to serve all across the globe easily fulfilling the standards of that region. Our Innovation and designs has earned us the distinction of being a global reliable manufacturer distributor & retailer.

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