Ceo Message

Ceo Says

An idea that has been tirelessly worked upon and unapologetically invested on with time, character and physical effort will always provide. Capron Vitrified that idea, which with vigorous and sincere commitment has grown to an entity which has now a global presence. Our belief that true and genuine efforts never goes to waste has us work round the clock to bring out the best of tiles and related products. Our vision thrives on seeking perfection in all of our products and also thrives on complete customer satisfaction.

The tiles we manufacture are not just beautiful, but beautiful for a long time and thus guarantee an immense characteristics arsenal necessary for a true product. At Capron Vitrified, we are well equipped with the latest machineries and the team that comprises of the best and experts in their areas. In just a matter of few years we have been able to serve our clients across the country and around the globe with the best innovated tiles that have been perfected at our facilities.

It may be my business but it is our dream to see Capron Vitrified at the top of the mountain where we constantly push ourselves to bring the best of tiles through our R&D and Innovations and constantly deliver tiles that are aesthetic is design and consistent throughout its surface.

Our company does not aim for manufacturing and operations feats but we believe in a customer centric approach which allows us to push forward. And the same allows us to be more responsible to the environmental effect through our operations; we aim at a sustainable environment and we are more contributing to the welfare of my employees. Our business is also centered on our suppliers, distributors, and resource partners, and we have successfully upheld the excellence at every level of the process in order to build long-term partnerships.

We do not just seek excellence in one aspect, but in all. And that has made Capron Vitrified a truly global entity.