Ceo Message

Ceo Says

if beautiful was the only way of life then everything beautiful would have a value but this is not true. Beauty may fade away with time but what matters more is the inner strength. The characteristic of a substance and all that has gone in making of that substance is way more important. Capron vitrified comes up with this ideology and therefore we stand where we are today. We believe in innovation, design and perfection. When we say innovation,it does not only mean tl1at we serve something new every day; but it means that we bring to you something that is unique may be not every day but at a regular interval.

When we say that we give designs, does not mean that each and every person will love it but each and every person will certainly admire it.

When we say that we believe in perfection means that we strive to inculcate everything starting from selecting raw materials to machines to technology , man power to finished product everything with a keen eye on it.

And last but not the least is that we have always prioritized quality over anything and we shall continue to do that. Our tiles and its quality is our pride and we shall never compromise for the same. We believein sustainability and we make all the efforts possible where we impact environment least and still making tiles that are liked by all.