Why us

Technology Use


The Technology is fast and precise that allows the loading of large size keeping the quality same. Maximum pressing force is 50.00 KN, clearance between columns is 1750 mm and maximum plunger stroke is 180mm. There is pre-loaded loop structure that is designed using finite elements technique that ensures absorption of massive forces even at high output rates without any problem. The delivery pump rate is double hence more output is give even when are thicker and it allows large size tiles tiles to be made.


The modena single layer kiln provide high quality insulation, reliable drive system and optimized consumption. It can easily assemble and transported and it offers adjustment. The most important thing about it is that it is excellent in flexibility.


It comes with Hi-efficiency ND5Po827 combination polishing heads with long swing abrasive line contact of abrasive and tile guaranteed good cooling and grinding results. It has double reducer drive for crossbeam swing and it is stable and reliable. It has 27 heads nano polishing machine.